Black Belt/Master Club

black belt academy

Parks Black Belt Academy is all about unlocking the total potential of a student. There is so much more to Martial Arts then kicking and punching and our Black Belt Academy helps you find it. We unlock all of you. Like a video game, Martial Art in Orange has many levels that must be accomplished along the way to the end game. And in this club, the climb is step, the challenge hard and the reward is great. We take the student as they are and help them develop physically and mentally. To reach beyond the norm, to go past the can not’s and on to the can do’s. We want them to mentally get past the impossible and to the possible. We place high challenges before them and they must set their hearts, minds and body toward that challenge.

To be part of this club, you must set your goal at the black belt level. This in itself is a high mark. There are techniques that must be mastered before the black belt from, there are breaking techniques that must be developed, weapons skills that must be learned and mastered, and most importantly mental abilities. The desire is the start, but to keep at it and always move forward is the challenge. It is easy to give up on our goals, it is not easy to fight to finish them, and that is the difference that makes a black belt.

At Parks Black Belt Academy, our instructors are there every step of the way to insure that you reach your goal, under the carful guidance and supervision of Master Park, our students grow at their own pace to achieve their goal. Master Park has said, that once you set a goal, you need to go over it, though it or under it, but never give up. That is the key to a successful black belt. Never giving up. You have set your goal, now you are on a long journey that will take you over many road and you will see many paths that lead to a way out, but only one leads to the black belt, that is the one you must follow.