Style & Facilities

In Taekwondo we emphasize separate, but equal qualities of technique.


This includes auditory, visual, tactile, logical, and having your techniques flow in a distinct rhythm.


This demonstrates a student’s ability to clear their mind, and focus on the task at hand.

Proper Execution

Students are expected to demonstrate techniques with accuracy and proper movement.


To ensure a healthy person, we train our students to have a healthy body, but to also balance that with a healthy and productive mind.


Performing movements, speed is the basis for all of Tae Kwon Do. Using our speed and body manipulation, we turn our bodies into our main form of self-defense.


While focusing mainly on speed, we also emphasize the importance of power behind your techniques.

Automatic Reflex

When in a troubled situation we have no time to think about what to do. In Tae Kwon Do we train students to automatically know what to do in these situations so that they can protect themselves, their friends and loved ones more effectively.


After one visit to our school you will know why many are saying that this the most positive place in Orange. Also, we ensure that our students will always train in a safe and sanitary environment. Our facility is a must-see. visit us today!